Friday, November 18, 2011

Crosley CR60-RE

Crosley 302 Red Desk Phone (CR60-RE)

Crosley 302 Red Desk Phone (CR60-RE)

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Crosley 302 Red Desk Phone (CR60-RE) Overview

A statement of style, grace and elegance. The 302 Series Phone was introduced in 1937 and was the first in the collection to incorporate the bell in the base of the unit. Designed by Henry Dreyfuss and originally cast in metal, this piece was later produced using a heavy-duty plastic housing. The retro style appearance is combined with a rugged construction earning it the nickname "The Cow's Hoof" because of its lipped hoof-style base. This early desk version served as the standard for the better part of World War II while telephone design efforts were halted due to defense work. Whether for its beauty or its brawn, the Crosley 302 Desk Phone is surely a conversation piece in any setting.

Crosley 302 Red Desk Phone (CR60-RE) Feature

  • Rotary Dial Fashion Plate with Push Buttons
  • Ringer Volume ON/OFF Switch
  • Tone / Pulse Switch
  • Earpiece Volume Control
  • Great Retro Style